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DBT Training in Hyderabad

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Trainer Name Mr. Anil
Trainer Experience 8+ Years
Next Batch Date 22nd july 2024 
Next Batch Timings 8AM IST 
Training Modes Online Training (Instructor Led)
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DBT Training In Hyderabad

Why Choose

DBT Training in Hyderabad

Course Curriculum

The following are the core objectives of this DBT certification training course:

  • ¬†Fundamentals of Data Built Tool
  • ¬†Why do we use DBT?
  • ¬†Configuring DBT locally and in the cloud
  • ¬†Connect DBT to a Database
  • ¬†Creation of SQL transformations
  • ¬†Testing underlying data and SQL transformation
  • ¬†Scheduling transformations
  • ¬†Testing code in a dev environment
  • ¬†Data built tool best practices

The participant should have a basic knowledge of the below areas in order to learn DBT:

  • ¬†GitHub
  • ¬†¬†SQL
  • ¬†Possess knowledge to work in the command line

Following are the professionals who can join this course to advance their skill set:

  • ¬†Data Analysts
  • ¬†Data Scientists
  • ¬†Data Engineering aspirants
  • ¬†Data Analytics Managers
  • ¬†Snowflake Developers
  • ¬†Redshift Developers
  • ¬†ETL developers
  • ¬†Candidates who work with data transformation operations.
  • ¬†
  • What is DBT
  • Typical data transformation challenges
  • How does DBT eliminate traditional Data challenges?
  • ¬†Data Built Tool and databases
  • ¬†Version Control
  • ¬†Data loading into the data warehouse
  • ¬†Data repository set up & connect to DBT cloud
  • ¬†Fundamentals of DBT cloud IDE
  • ¬†The process to connect to Repository
  • ¬†The process to connect to your warehouse
  • ¬†Overview of Models and types
  • ¬†The process to build a model
  • ¬†Basics of modularity
  • Ref functions
  • ¬†Data modeling fundamentals
  • Naming conventions
  • ¬†Project reorganization
  • ¬†What is testing?
  • ¬†Need of Testing
  • ¬†Data tests
  • ¬†Schema tests
  • Live test scenarios
  • ¬†Fundamentals of Documentation
  • ¬†Importance of documentation
  • ¬†The process to write doc blocks
  • ¬†Documentation writing
  • ¬†Documentation generation and view
  • ¬†Working with real-time documentation & gaining hands-on experience.
  • ¬†Introduction to Sources
  • ¬†Source Configuration
  • ¬†Selecting from sources
  • ¬†Testing Sources
  • ¬†Documenting Sources
  • ¬†Source Freshness
  • ¬†Working with real-time source scenarios.
  • ¬†What is Deployment
  • The process to schedule a job in the DBT cloud
  • ¬†Reviewing scheduled jobs.

DBT Training in Hyderabad

Key Features

What is DBT?

What is DBT used for?

  1. DBT is used for transforming raw data into analytics-ready data by applying a series of SQL-based transformations.
  2. It’s used for creating and managing data pipelines, which can be tested, documented, and version-controlled.
  3. DBT ca used to build complex data models, which can be reused across multiple projects.
  4. It’s used to automate data transformation workflows, reducing manual errors and increasing efficiency.
  5. DBT is used to collaborate on data projects between data analysts, data engineers, and other stakeholders.
  6. updating earlier data and retrieving information from the database.
  7. It can be used to implement best practices for data transformation, such as incremental loading and data lineage tracking.
  8. DBT is used to improve data quality, consistency, and accuracy, which leads to better business insights and decision-making.
What is DBT used for?

DBT (Data Build Tool) Training in Hyderabad


DBT (Data Build Tool) is a powerful and popular data engineering tool that revolutionizes the way data transformations and analytics pipelines are built. It provides a modular and code-based approach to data transformation, enabling data engineers to define, test, and document data transformations as repeatable SQL scripts.

Snowflake Masters Institute in Hyderabad offers comprehensive DBT training programs to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge required to excel in data engineering and analytics.

The institute provides expert faculty, a comprehensive curriculum, and a practical approach to learning DBT. With flexible training options, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and placement assistance, Snowflake Masters Institute ensures that students receive industry-relevant training and gain hands-on experience with DBT tools and techniques. 


DBT Training In Hyderabad




DBT Expert & Lead Instructor

8+ Years Experience

About the tutor:

Anil has over 8 years of experience in dbt (data build tool) and is highly skilled in data management and cloud computing. Specializing in dbt training, Anil excels in making complex concepts understandable by using simple language and real-world examples. His training sessions are very interactive, ensuring that participants not only learn but also engage deeply with the material.

Anil’s strong background in DBT, cloud platforms, and various database management systems further enriches his teaching, providing students with comprehensive insights into dbt and its practical applications.

DBT Training in Hyderabad
DBT Training In Hyderabad


DBT Online Training

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DBT Training in Hyderabad


DBT Training in Hyderabad


DBT Training in Hyderabad - certification

Job roles & Designations in DBT

Job roles & Designations in DBT

Who needs it ?

  • Data analysts who need to transform raw data into analytics-ready data for business intelligence and reporting purposes can benefit from DBT.
  • DBT is particularly useful for data engineers who are responsible for building and managing data pipelines, as it simplifies the process of transforming and processing data, ensuring efficient and reliable data flows.
  • Companies that deal with large and complex datasets can benefit from using DBT to manage their data transformation process.
  • Organizations that require data integrity and consistency across multiple systems can use DBT to implement best practices for data transformation.
  • Any team that wants to improve their data transformation process, reduce manual errors, and increase efficiency can use DBT as a powerful tool in their data stack.

Who should learn this?

  • Data engineers and analysts who work with data transformation and processing tasks can benefit from Learning DBT.
  • Data professionals who want to streamline and automate their data engineering workflows can learn DBT.
  • Anyone interested in improving their data transformation skills and learning best practices for data management can benefit from learning DBT, regardless of their technical background.
  • Business analysts who want to improve their data literacy and learn how to work with data pipelines and models can benefit from learning DBT.
  • Data scientists and analysts who want to perform advanced data modeling and analysis can learn DBT.
DBT Training in Hyderabad


Streamlines Data Processing

DBT automates the process of building and transforming data, making it faster and more efficient for data engineers and analysts.

Promotes Collaboration

DBT encourages collaboration among data engineering and analytics teams. By providing a common framework for data processing, everyone on the team can work together more effectively and efficiently.

Enables Modularization

DBT enables the modularization of data processing tasks. This means that individual data models can be developed and tested separately, making it easier to identify and correct issues.

Improves Data Quality

DBT provides automated checks and tests to ensure data quality. This helps to identify and correct errors early in the data processing pipeline, resulting in more reliable and accurate data.

Facilitates Reproducibility

DBT allows for easily reproducible data processing. This helps to ensure that results can be replicated, and that data is consistent across different environments.

Supports Version Control

DBT integrates with version control systems like Git, allowing teams to manage changes to data processing code. This helps to ensure that changes are tracked and documented, and that data processing code is easily auditable.

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Education Eligibility for DBT Training in Hyderabad

Market Trend in DBT

Market Trend in DBT

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DBT Training in Hyderabad


DBT training refers to learning how to use the Data Build Tool for data engineering and analytics. It is important as DBT simplifies data transformation processes, promotes collaboration, and ensures data quality, leading to efficient and reliable data pipelines.

DBT training is beneficial for data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, and anyone involved in data transformation and analytics tasks.

 While prior experience is beneficial, DBT training at Snowflake Masters Institute caters to learners with varying levels of expertise, including beginners. The training covers foundational concepts and provides hands-on practice.

The DBT training curriculum at Snowflake Masters Institute covers topics such as DBT fundamentals, data modeling, SQL transformations, testing, documentation, and best practices in data engineering.

Snowflake Masters Institute offers classroom training, online training, and pre-recorded video tutorials to cater to different learning preferences and schedules.

 The duration of the DBT training program may vary depending on the specific course. Snowflake Masters Institute offers both short-term and long-term DBT training programs.

Yes, Snowflake Masters Institute provides a certification upon successful completion of the DBT training program, which validates your skills and knowledge in using the Data Build Tool.

 Snowflake Masters Institute offers placement assistance to its students. They have tie-ups with leading companies and provide guidance and support to help students connect with potential employers.

Yes, Snowflake Masters Institute provides access to course materials and resources to students even after the completion of the training program.

 To enroll in the DBT training program, you can visit the Snowflake Masters Institute website, explore the available courses, and follow the enrollment instructions provided. You can also contact theadmissions team for further assistance

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