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Curriculum : SQL Online Training in Hyderabad

Snowflake Architecture and Overview
  • Snowflake Overview
  • Architecture
  • How to use the Snowflake UI & ecosystem
Introduction to Cloud
  • What is Cloud
  • Different Cloud Vendors
  • Advantages of Cloud over On-Premise
Introduction to Data Warehousing Concepts
  • What is a Data Warehouse, and Why do we need a Data Warehouse?
  • Database Vs Data Warehouse.
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • What is ETL
Introduction to Snowflake
  • How different from traditional DB
  • Quick start to the snowflake and accessing trial account
  • Creating warehouse, DB, Schema, and tables
  • Accessing different roles and using it
  • Working with worksheets
  • Understanding different type of accounts
Understand Cloud platforms
  • AWS and understanding S3 storage
  • Snowflake architecture and caching
  • AZURE and understanding blob storage
  • GCP and understanding Bucket storage
Data Loading and Unloading
  • File formats
  • Internal and external storage
  • Internal and external stage
  • Copy into usage
  • Snowflake internal storage
  • Accessing Cloud storage data into Snowflake (GCP, AZURE and AWS)
  • Data unloading
  • Accessing Snowpipe
  • PUT and GET commands
  • Bulk loading from cloud storage
  • Continuous loading
Partner connect with snowflake
  • Snowflake Connector and use cases Python
  • BI connectors use cases
  • Other connectors hands-on
Handling JSON and Semi structured data
  • Variant Data Type
  • File format options
  • Creating stages
  • Loading JSON semi-structured data into SF tables
  • Accessing JSON with select statement
Scheduling with Snowflake
  • Creating Tasks
  • Streams
  • Accessing procedures with tasks
  • Scheduling as per time with Different time zones
  • Automate loading process Daily and Weekly
Secure Data sharing
  • Usage of sharing data
  • Sharing data with different accounts
  • Sharing data with non-SF accounts using reader accounts
  • Importance of reader accounts
  • Privileges in data sharing
  • Challenges with cross-region sharing and understanding replication
  • Connecting shared objects with BI tools
  • Limitations with Data sharing

Access Control Privileges for Cloned Objects

Cloning and Snowflake Objects

Impact of DDL on Cloning

Impact of DML and Data Retention on Cloning

Time travel & Failsafe
  • Introduction to Time Travel
  • Querying Historical Data
  • Enabling and Disabling Time Travel
  • Data Retention Period
  • Cloning Using Time Travel (Databases, Schemas, and Tables Only)
Query Caching, Clustering, and Performance techniques
  • Creating multi-users on large tables
  • Performance techniques
  • Result set cache
  • Metadata cache
  • Query data cache
  • Best practices of using caching for performance and cost optimization
Advanced Topics
  • Error Handling and Validations
  • Snowflake Pricing model and selecting best Edition and Calculation of Credits usage
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Data Masking
  • Partitioning and Clustering in snowflake
  • Materialized View and Normal View
  • Integration with Python
  • Integration with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • Best Practices to follow

Key Features Of Sql course in Hyderabad

  • Attend our Advanced SQL Course training from knowledgeable instructors with more than nine years of industry experience.
  • In the last five batches, snowflake masters have trained 150+ students and placed over 70+ of them successfully.
  • Receive live, practical training using tested technology & tools as well as work on real-world scenarios.
  • You will learn triggers, T-SQL, indexing, views, stored procedures, grouping, etc., as well as SQL architecture.
  • Learn how to use different operators and functions to create RDBMS.
  • Knowing SQL Server Management Studio, the fundamentals of SQL Tables, and Data types and functions.
  • Understanding stored procedures’ main advantages and how to create, use, update, rename, drop, and modify views
  • Learn Inner, cross, outer, and self joins are used to combine rows from tables as well as operators like “intersect,” “except,” and “union,”.
  • Low training costs and specially designed course content with industry experts.
  • Utilize our free 3-day demo classes before joining the SQL course.

What is SQL?

Data can be stored and processed in a relational database using the computer language known as structured query language (SQL).

Data is kept in tabular style in relational databases, with rows and columns designating different data quality and the connections between the values of those attributes.

You can insert, update, remove, retrieve, and search for data from a database using SQL statements.

The performance of databases can also be improved and maintained using SQL.

The structured English query language was its original name (SEQUEL). Later, SQL was used to shorten the phrase.

Relational Software, formerly known as Oracle, was the first business to offer a commercialized SQL relational database management system.

Because SQL integrates well with other programming languages, it is a preferred programming language among developers and data analysts.

What is SQL used for?

You can build new databases and fill them with new data using SQL.

We can carry out a wide variety of database operations using various SQL commands.

SQL is also used to maintain the transactions that occur in the databases. It includes important recommendations for preserving database consistency.

SQL is compatible with relational databases like MYSQL, MS Access, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. It provides flexibility and details on who is authorized to see and modify which database tables.

establishing permissions for tables, views, and procedures along with creating functions, viewing, and storing procedures.

updating earlier data and retrieving information from the database.

SQL may create stored procedures in a database.

The popular programming languages Python and R are simple to connect with SQL.

Machine learning experts employ large data sets to build exact models. “Without data, machine learning is impossible.” A great illustration is the Google cloud platform BigQuery ML.

About SQL (Structured Query Language) Training in Hyderabad

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is a programming language that is used to interface with databases. By considering and analyzing the database it works accordingly in the data fields within the tables.

This is a type of platform that connects front-end and back-end databases held on servers. This will provide you with an idea about writing Queries & Sub-queries, working with Joins, etc. As well as database management skills like backup, restore, etc.

In this SQL training provided by us you will learn about the topics such as SQL functions, SQL operators, SQL Optimization and Performance, Joins, Unions, Client/Server relation, Searching and sorting techniques, etc….At the end of the course,

you will work on SQL projects that will give you hands-on experience which will help you to solve real-world business problems.

If you want to build up your career in SQL, you are in the right place.

Learning makes it easy if you have the right mentor to train you. We at SQL Training in Hyderabad have expert trainers who can train you and help you land your dream job. 

The Sql course in Hyderabad is known for the best SQL training in Hyderabad. Based on the market requirements, we provide you with a quality SQL course in Hyderabad. This course is designed to train our learners with effective and essential skills in SQL. Our practical-oriented SQL training will help you to get a marketable job and increase your career opportunities in SQL.

After successfully completing this SQL Training you will be provided with a course compilation digital certificate of SQL training, which will increase the value of your resume. We also offer 100% placement assistance and training with real-time projects to upskill your knowledge of SQL,

where you can achieve your dream job with our range of coaching. Our dedicated team will guide you even after the course is completed, assisting you with mock interview preparation, resume creation, and conducting Q&A sessions for your interview purposes.

Our SQL training is available in 3 modes, which include classroom training, online training, and self-paced video courses. All our training is conducted by the top-notch expert trainers in Hyderabad with clarity and technique. They will thoroughly train you with the implementation of SQL training, and the application of various systems to fast-track your career.

Enroll with us for the best SQL course in Hyderabad. 



Modes of Structured Query Language Training

Classroom Training

SQL training provides you with quality classroom training facilities in Hyderabad where you can attend our classroom training for a live interactive experience.

Online Training Course

Our online sessions are very interactive, with practical explanations and group discussions. You can join our SQL online training sessions from anywhere in the world at your own convenience.

SQL Personalized Video course
  • Our SQL video course is highly convenient and interesting which will make your self-learning process much easier. You will be provided a complete set of classroom recordings that will be available in the video course. You can revise and learn the course at your own pace and time with no deadlines and with lifetime access.



Why choose to enroll our SQL Institute?

We are known as the best SQL training institute in Hyderabad for our exclusive training method and dedication to student satisfaction.

The training program is conducted by our top-notch expert trainers with 12+ years of experience in Structured Query Language (SQL)

where they will guide you to becoming a skilled professional in this SQL Program and make you a job-ready candidate.

The placement program conducted by us brings a lot of advantages to our students.

Here are some reasons why you should consider our Sql course in Hyderabad?

Placement Guidance Program

We offer the best job assistance programs in Hyderabad for SQL training. We have a dedicated placement assistance program team to guide our candidates.

This assistance program also includes mock interviews, career counseling, question and answer sessions, and resume preparation facilities to ensure our candidates are fully prepared for interviews.

Industry Specific Scenarios

Since our professional tutors belong to the IT industry, our trainers are fully aware of the concepts, upgrades, and skills required in SQL. They will train you according to the industrial standards.

Post Training Career Guidance

You will be provided support and proper guidance from our SQL Training Institute even after the completion of the course. Our dedicated support team will guide you 24/7 whenever you need their guidance for any course or interview-related question

Get your Certificate

A compulsory course completion certificate will be issued to all our students after they successfully complete the SQL training course in our Institute. Our certificate is 100% valid and can be used to apply for jobs in SQL. The certificate provided by us will add more value to your resume.

Expert Trainers

We have the best professional trainers in the field of SQL. Our trainers are real-time experts with an impeccable record of training students, working professionals, and corporations.

Who will train you throughout the training period and even guide you after the training program is completed?

 24 x 7 Expert Support

In SQL you get the benefit of mutual support facilities. We have a 24×7 dedicated online support team to resolve all your technical queries, through a doubt-clearing session where they will clear all your concerns regarding the course.

Testimonials- SQL Training in Hyderabad

Sql course in hyderabad

This is the most knowledgeable learning from the beginning to end of the training period in SQL training in Hyderabad. Very good responsiveness from the tutors and the support team. The instructor was an experienced professional and expert in SQL. His practical sessions helped me a lot in my SQL learning process.


The trainer maintained good communication with all the students during the training period which made the training process more interactive. The training helped me a lot to crack the interviews. Thanks a lot, SQL Training in Hyderabad, and the entire team for your support and dedication to the students.


I suggest SQL Training in Hyderabad for the best SQL Training Institute in Hyderabad. The trainer has core knowledge about every concept in SQL. Excellent Training delivery with plenty of practical knowledge.


The training experience was good. They covered all of the current demands and requirements of the industry in the curriculum which makes it the best institute for learning SQL training in Hyderabad in my point of view.


The training was good and covered all the required aspects of SQL in depth. This institute is the best place to learn SQL Training in Hyderabad. They provide high-quality training to all their students with 100% placement assistance as well.

The trainers were very knowledgeable and very patient during the training process and doubt-clearing sessions which made it easy to interact with them. Thank you SQL Training in Hyderabad for the guidance.


Really liked the interactive training sessions conducted by the trainer. It helped me to understand the concept which was very clear and easy to remember. I would like to thank the SQL training Institute in Hyderabad for clearing all my doubts and post-training guidance for the interview and resume-making support. The trainers were well versed with SQL technology.


The training syllabus was very subjective and easy to understand and covered all the important topics. The tutor delivered every point of the course. The curriculum is well organized and the team is also cooperative with the students in arranging classes for topics that are missed.


 I highly recommend this institute for SQL training in Hyderabad to whoever wants to learn SQL in Hyderabad or any other place. I am from a different state and I enrolled in their online training session. The session was very interactive and you can learn anywhere at your own time convenience. I have mastered the basics of SQL and its concept very easily. They have provided all the course essentials and the complete knowledge which is required to work with SQL.


The course is very affordable. SQL training in Hyderabad has provided me with proficient skills which are essential to work with SQL. Overall a good learning experience at SQL Training in Hyderabad for the SQL course.

Tools & Certifications

Certification in SQL Training

Get the most effective Structured Query Language (SQL)  Certification Training by our real-time expert tutors in SQL. Our certification is recognized by the top companies across the world, and this certification will double the value of your resume. With the help of our certificate, you can apply for a leading job post in SQL. This certificate you will get only after successfully completing the training period of SQL training in Hyderabad.

Advantages of Learning this SQL Training Program

  • Job opportunities around the world with several job roles in SQL.
  • 100% guarantee in placement.
  • High salary package.
  • SQL is worth learning because it’s simple to learn, and also continues to be a highly in-demand skill.
  • A career in SQL is quite lucrative.
  • No larger amount of coding required, etc…

Our Expertise


Students Placed


Professional Trainers


Batches Completed


Students Trained

Popular SQL Jobs You will get a post compilation of the course

  • SQL Developer
  • SQL Server Developer
  • SQL Server Database Administrator
  • SQL DBA Professional
  • SQL and PL/SQL Specialist
  • Software Engineer
  • PL/SQL Engineer
  • SQL Server Writer

You will gain knowledge in the following areas after completing this SQL course

  • Clear concept about  T-SQL programs Fundamentals
  • Gain Hands-on knowledge about data integrity constraints
  • A better understanding of How to Maintain databases, tables, and sequences with SQL statements
  • Knowledge of Creating databases and Creating tables
  • Understanding the Types of SQL Commands
  • Practical knowledge of File Groups and many more…..

Market Trend in SQL

The global market for Structured Query Language (SQL) server transformation had a value of USD 12.42 billion in 2021, and it is projected to expand at a revenue CAGR of 9.4% over the ensuing five years.

The global SQL market is expected to exceed US$29,145.1 billion in 2031, according to JC Market Research.

Since it was developed in the 1970s, SQL has been extensively used by database administrators, programmers who create scripts for data integration, and data analysts who build up and run analytical queries.

Between 2014 and 2021, there was a 7.2% CAGR in the need for SQL server transformation.

It cannot be denied that North America, and the United States in particular, will continue to play a key role. Developments made by the United States may have an impact on how SQL develops.


Can I get a demo class on SQL before enrolling in the subject?

Yes, we are conducting free demo sessions. All the students who want to attend the SQL training can attend the demo sessions for a better understanding and to get an idea of how the training process works.

Does the SQL Online training come with a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a course completion certificate after successfully completing the SQL training program. 

What if I have more questions or doubts regarding SQL Training?

If you have more queries about SQL, you can always get in touch with our experts during class hours or after the session is completed. We will provide you with a one-on-one training session with our trainers for clearing all your doubts.

What are the prerequisites for attending SQL Online training?

There are no such special qualifications to attend our SQL online training course. However, it is advisable to have Basic knowledge of relational DBMS It will be helpful.

How much will it cost me for the SQL Course?

You can contact us on the contact details provided by us to find out about the complete course fee structure.

What is the procedure for enrolling in this SQL course?

You can reach out to us by our contact details available on our website or you can call our support team and book a demo session conducted by our expert SQL trainer and enroll in the course at your convenience.  

Will you provide guidance after the compilation of this course?

Yes, you will be provided proper guidance from our dedicated team even after the completion of the course for interview preparation, Resume making, etc. This facility is available for all our students who have successfully completed the SQL certification program.

Who can learn the SQL course?

Those who wish to make a career in SQL can ideally enroll in this certification course. Professionals like IT Professionals, Software Developers, SQL Administrators, Database Administrators, Business Analysts, BI Professionals, and Big Data Hadoop Professionals who wish to learn more about SQL technology can attend this course. 

Who will be my trainer in the SQL course?

At SQL training in Hyderabad, we have professional SQL expert trainers with real-time 12+ years of industry experience who will guide you throughout the training period. 

How much salary will I get after the completion of this course?

The average salary of SQL Developers in Hyderabad is ₹536,501 per annum. With experience, it may increase up to ₹770,000 per annum depending on your knowledge and experience with SQL. 

Who are the major organizations that hire SQL professionals in Hyderabad?
  • Infosys
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Accenture
  • Mindtree
  • Collabera
  • Fanatics